Free for All: Comparing the payment models of RuneScape and Illyriad

In fact, in one of the most disturbing trends of the last few years, players have begun bemoaning the lack of a free version of their favorite game,runescape. I see it all the time: players publicly wishing for the time that their favorite game will go free-to-play so they can return without paying a dime. Sure, I can understand being strapped for cash and needing an easy way to get back to an old title, but come on… those titles might not be around much longer if players do not support them in the first place. I am not a fan of free-to-play because I am cheap or because I need to avoid paying developers what they deserve. I have said it before, and I will say it again: I am a fan of free-to-play because it lets me decide when I want to spend my money. There’s a big difference.